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Schwarz Group Business Units

Lidl Filiale


As part of the Schwarz Group, Lidl is one of the leading grocery retailers in Germany and Europe. Lidl is present in 32 countries around the world and currently operates roughly 11,550 stores and more than 200 goods distribution and logistics centers in 29 countries. All in all, Lidl currently has over 341,000 employees. As a discount supermarket, Lidl places high value on offering its customers an optimum price-performance ratio. Simplicity and process orientation determine day-to-day work. At the same time, Lidl assumes responsibility for people, society, and the environment. For Lidl, sustainability means fulfilling the promise of quality every day anew. 

Kaufland Filiale


The retailer opened its first market in Germany in 1968. Today Kaufland is represented in eight European countries, with over 1,350 markets and over 139,000 employees. The company offers a wide range of food and items for everyday needs and makes buying high-quality, healthy, and sustainable products accessible to everybody. Kaufland stands for low prices, a big selection, excellent quality, and simple shopping. As part of the Schwarz Group, Kaufland is one of the leading grocery retailers in Germany and Europe.

Mitarbeiter unterhalten sich vor einem PreZero Lastkraftwagen.


The company was founded in 2009 under the name of GreenCycle and was originally a department in the waste disposal logistics division of the Lidl retail company. PreZero is now the Schwarz Group's environmental division and through its 5,000 employees provides waste and recycling management at 140 locations in eight different countries. Its services include the collection, sorting, processing, and recycling of recyclable materials. A world in which resources are no longer wasted thanks to closed loops - that is PreZero's goal. In other words, zero waste, 100 percent recyclables.

Die Preforms werden zu neuen Getränkeflaschen umgewandelt und abgefüllt.

Schwarz Produktion

The core business of Schwarz Produktion is to reliably supply our retail divisions with high-quality foods. Its over 4,000 employees at 12 locations in Germany produce food for over 25 countries. Its assortment of products includes beverages, chocolates, nuts and dry fruits, baked goods, and ice cream. Its products win over millions of consumers every day. Schwarz Produktion stands for top quality at a first-class price-performance ratio with the highest delivery reliability. Finally, Schwarz Produktion's three plastics and recycling plants are a central component in its unique, sustainable PET recycling loop.

Bürogebäude der Schwarz Dienstleistungsgesellschaften

Schwarz Dienstleistungsgesellschaften

The Schwarz Dienstleistungsgesellschaften, the Group’s central functions division, provide support to all group companies. A wide variety of services (both administrative and operative) are made available to the entire group of companies from a single central location. In addition to administrative services, this division includes procurement, IT services as well as corporate communication and vehicle fleet operations. By centralizing our activities, we at the Schwarz Group are able to realize potentials for synergy and act in an efficient, sustainable manner. 

The Recycling Loop of the Schwarz Group: From production (Schwarz Production) through trade (Lidl and Kaufland) and all the way up to recycling management (PreZero).

The Entire Recycling Loop Under One Roof

Together with our business units, we at the Schwarz Group are in a position to independently close recycling loops, so as to address the problem of plastics in a holistic manner. We cover all phases involved in plastics use and recycling, from production through trade and all the way up to recycling management. 

Responsible resource management is an especially important issue to the Schwarz Group and affects many of our business units, both directly and indirectly. 


In addition to a wide variety of sustainable activities surrounding Lidl and Kaufland's product assortment and supply chain, we started taking responsibility for our own waste early on in Neckarsulm. The foundation of GreenCycle, our internal environmental service provider (now PreZero), even made the retail group a role model for the entire industry back in 2009. Our philosophy of not just viewing waste as waste, but instead as unsorted recyclable materials, runs through our entire group of companies. The best example of this is our PET recycling loop, created by Schwarz Produktion together with Lidl. Here, ecological responsibility and economic considerations always go hand in hand.


The Group is well aware of its responsibility towards society and the environment. In addition to providing fair working and social conditions both within the Group and for suppliers, the Schwarz Group has resolved to take on the challenges of climate change, decreasing biodiversity and wasteful handling of natural resources.


Through energy-efficient technologies, environmentally-conscious planning of new buildings, climate-friendly logistics processes and the systematic avoidance of waste, the Group is lowering its energy consumption, minimizing CO2 emissions, and preserving natural habitats and resources. Our large, steadily growing selection of fairly-traded, ecological and locally-grown products also contributes to the Schwarz Group's social commitment and its sustainability principle. 


The innovative REset Plastic plastic strategy is combining all group-wide activities for the first time and is serving as a flagship project to be followed by others in the future.


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