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The Recycling Loop of the Schwarz Group: From production (Schwarz Production) through trade (Lidl and Kaufland) and all the way up to recycling management (PreZero).

The Entire Recycling Loop Under One Roof

Together with our business units, we at the Schwarz Group are in a position to independently close recycling loops, so as to address the problem of plastics in a holistic manner. We cover all phases involved in plastics use and recycling, from production through trade and all the way up to recycling management. 


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The innovative plastics strategy REset Plastic unites all group-wide activities for the first time and serves as a lighthouse project to be followed by others in the future.


If you are interested, further information on our overall commitment to sustainability in the Schwarz Group is available.

The Schwarz Group in Figures


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euro annual sales (*fiscal year 2021)

Schwarz Group Business Units

Lidl Filiale


Lidl represents a fast and uncomplicated shopping experience with an optimal price-performance ratio. The discounter is continuously committed to a wide range of measures along the entire value chain, for example to protect the climate and biodiversity or to conserve resources.

Kaufland Filiale


Kaufland stands for convincing quality, a large selection and low prices. Our actions do the talking: The full-range retailer is committed to food from sustainable production as well as comprehensive environmental, climate and biodiversity protection.

Mitarbeiter unterhalten sich vor einem PreZero Lastkraftwagen.


As the environmental division of the Schwarz Group, PreZero is active in waste and recycling management. Its services include the collection, sorting, processing and recycling of recyclable materials. With innovative solutions, resources are conserved and the amount of waste that cannot be recycled is reduced towards zero.

Die Preforms werden zu neuen Getränkeflaschen umgewandelt und abgefüllt.

Schwarz Produktion

Schwarz Produktion produces high-quality private label products, including beverages, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, baked goods and ice cream for Lidl and Kaufland. Three plastics and recycling plants are central components of a unique recycling loop in which PET bottle bodies are produced predominantly from 100 percent recycled material.

Schwarz Dienstleistungen Neckarsulm

Schwarz Dienstleistungsgesellschaften

Schwarz Dienstleistungen support Lidl, Kaufland, Schwarz Produktion and PreZero: By bundling various administrative and operational services – for example in areas such as controlling, finance, human resources or procurement – they realise synergy potential and act in an efficient, sustainable manner.