Frau informiert sich auf der Verpackung eines Produktes über deren Nachhaltigkeit.

Our Logos

Designing ecologically and creating customer awareness

Designing sustainable packaging isn't our only goal in the REdesign action area – we also seek to provide environmentally-aware customers with quick and easy support in making shopping decisions. Therefore, by putting logos on packaging for Lidl and Kaufland private label products, we are offering our customers orientation whilst shopping and tips on recycling of the packaging.

Labels for sustainable packaging from Lidl and Kaufland

Two Logos, One Message: "Packing Responsibly " and "Consciously Packed" Awards

In order to point our customers to product packaging which is especially sustainable, Lidl and Kaufland have each introduced a new packaging label. The logos are different in design but identical in content. They can be found on packaging which fulfills at least one of the following criteria:


  • The packaging is at least 80% recyclable
  • The packaging contains at least 30% recycled material
  • The packaging volume or weight has been reduced by at least 10%
  • The packaging is made of a more sustainable alternative material
Labels for recipes without microplastics from Lidl and Kaufland

Special Label for Microplastics-Free Product Formulations

In recent years, the issue of microplastics has been gaining ground in public consciousness. Microplastics get into our environment in various ways, mainly polluting our waters and oceans. Lidl and Kaufland have set themselves the goal of removing microplastics from product formulations wherever possible. The Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT), has been supporting us in this goal as a scientific partner (link to REsearch) to both evaluate possible options for initiatives and to establish our fundamental focus: that's because we don't only consider microplastics to include visually discernible particles, but also other non-biodegradable synthetic polymers.


Our goal

By the end of 2021, no microplastics will be used in the formulations of Lidl and Kaufland private label cosmetics products, provided that the elimination of synthetic polymers does not significantly impair product performance and/or safety. The "Formulation without Microplastics" seal gives customers a first indication of those products whose formulations contain no microplastics.

Making Proper Recycling Easy with Practical Separation Instructions

In a representative survey carried out by the Schwarz Group, over 80 percent of those surveyed wanted easily accessible information on separating packaging, ideally right on the product itself.


Lidl and Kaufland's waste separation information fulfill exactly that need. They appear on selected packaging and give information on the materials which make up each packaging component, and also motivate customers to properly dispose of the packaging. That's a simple way for us to help our customers contribute towards better recycling.

Further Projects in the Action Area REdesign