Schulklasse beim Müllsammeln

River CleanUp Collective @Danube

Together for cleaner rivers Lidl Austria


12. and 15. September



Tulln an der Donau, Ottensheim an der Donau

Lower Austria, Upper Austria


approx. 90



36 Sacks

collected Waste

We take responsibility

On September 12 and 15, they rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up together. With two classes of the sports middle school Tulln and two classes of the middle school Ottensheim almost 90 kids and teenagers participated in the River CleanUp Collective @Danube. A total of 36 bags of trash were collected, which was properly separated and disposed of by the local waste association. The special thing about the action was also that the children and youth program PANDA of WWF Austria, provided the students of the participating classes with teaching materials. This is intended to raise long-term awareness of the importance of plastic reduction and proper recycling. This is in line with the Schwarz Group's ReSet Plastic strategy: "Less plastic - closed cycles".

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