Zwei Frauen von Lidl Bulgarien sammeln Müll entlang der Donau

River CleanUp Collective @Danube

Together for cleaner rivers Lidl Bulgaria


03. September



Ruse, Sandrovo



approx. 100



680 kg.

collected Trash

We take responsibility

The cleanup action within the River CleanupCollective @Danube was combined with additional activities for the employees of Lidl Bulgaria. As part of the activities, we were shown the unknown sides of the Danube and made aware of the beauty of the river and the region.
Local experts spoke about biodiversity and gave lectures about the birds that were near us. 
There were also activities for the children - the workshop "A day in the life of a prehistoric man on the Danube" showed them how people used to live on the river. The bravest ones shot with a bow to get into the lifestyle of people used to live on the river.
In addition to the cleaning action in which Lidl employees took part, on the evening of September 3 there was also a special event for the residents of the city of Ruse called "Together for clean rivers". The aim was to integrate local people and raise awareness of the issue.
The event included presentations on nature conservation and activities for children such as building a ship out of plastic waste. Interesting stories, such as the transformation of a former landfill into a beautiful forest, were part of the lecture program during the event.  

Das Team von Lidl Bulgarien beim Müllsammeln
Beim Müllsammeln an der Donau
die gesammelte Mannschaft von Lidl Bulgarien beim River Cleanup
Zwei Mitarbeiter von Lidl Bulgarien sammeln Autoreifen entlang des Donauufers ein