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River CleanUp Collective @Donau

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10. September









1,2 Tons

collected trash

We take responsibility

Lidl Serbia has been conducting REmove activities since 2020. In 2022, in addition to the cleanup activities carried out in the mountains, nature parks and urban environment, we also participated in the international River CleanUp Collective @Danube. Together with two partner organizations, we cleared the banks around the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers in Belgrade of trash on September 10. Although the place seemed clean enough, the low water level revealed a huge amount of trash deposited by the river on the banks. Our partner "Čepom do osmeha", an ecological-humanitarian organization, led the approximately 35 volunteers along the river bank, while our partner "Sailing Club Ada" was present on the river with another 15 volunteers in sailing and motor boats. During the cleanup, 1.2 tons of trash were removed from the riverbank. Of these 1.2 tons, a little more than 1000 kg was household waste, bulky waste and electronic waste, while the rest consisted of about 120 kg of glass, 85 kg of PET and 12 kg of cans. Due to the rains in the days before the action, the paper could not be separated for recycling. In addition to the clean-up campaign, "Čepom do osmeha" conducted five workshops in local schools and kindergartens, educating more than 400 children about the importance of a clean and healthy environment and the value of properly sorted and disposed waste.

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