Das Team von Lidl Ungarn bei ihrer Aufräumaktion im Rahmen des gruppenweiten River Cleanup Collective@Danube

River CleanUp Collective

Together for cleaner rivers Lidl Hungary


02. September




Csepel, Hungary


approx. 150



approx. 1,5 Tons

collected waste

We take responsibility

Lidl Hungary employees and PET Cup volunteers collected almost 1.5 tons of waste in the French Bay, a tributary of the Danube in Budapest, as part of an international waste collection campaign along the entire Danube. We joined the group-wide initiative "River Cleanup Collective @Duna - Together for Clean Rivers", which is part of the Schwarz Group's REset Plastic strategy and involved 15 Lidl and Kaufland national companies from 9 different countries across Europe.
The aim of the event was to rid the banks of a tributary of the Danube of waste in order to indirectly reduce the pollution of the world's oceans. 
One of the best known Hungarian NGOs for river waste collection, PET Cup, supported us in this action. About half of the 300 waste bags collected at the event - metal, glass and plastic waste - were sorted into bags by the participants and transported for recycling with the help of PET Cup.
We are proud of our colleagues, who in just a few hours, to the great delight of local residents and anglers, freed the affected area from such a large amount of waste.

Das Team von Lidl Ungarn bei der Aufräumaktion
Aufräumen am Fluss
Das Team von Lidl Ungarn beim Aufräumen
Aufräumaktion Lidl Ungarn