Glühbirne mit Skizze von Ideen.

Innovation Screening

Making sustainable solutions ready for the market

In the REsearch action area, we continuously identify and evaluate start-ups, new technologies and research projects which develop solutions to further close value chains. 


This process is driven by a special in-house body - our pool of plastics experts made up of specialists from production, retail and waste and recycling management - contributing holistic expertise of the Schwarz Group and its business divisions. 

The five fields of innovation screening: 1. Plastic Production and Substitutes 2. Packaging Materials and Design 3. Consumer Behavior and Incentives 4. Recyclables Collection Systems and Sorting Technologies 5. Recycling Technologies and Plastics Processing

The Screening Process Assigns Identified Solutions to One of Five Areas

Through its evaluation of research and innovation topics, REsearch fulfills its role as an enabler that brings external impulses into the other action areas of REset Plastic. 


In return, start-ups benefit from the collaboration with the Schwarz Group, and are thus able to subject their solutions, business plans and business ideas to an effective "reality check".


In addition to an idea's sustainability and novelty, its market potential and capacity to be integrated into existing processes and value chains also play a crucial role in our evaluation. 

Further Projects in the Action Area REsearch