The Schwarz Group maintains close ties to research institutes and industry associations worldwide and is interested in partnerships along the entire value chain. 

Particular research interests are alternative materials, efficient recycling processes and new solutions to reduce plastic waste. Moreover, the company’s processes and products are regularly subject to review.

An innovations management system for the timely application of research findings is currently under development.

We invest in research and development of innovative solutions and educate On recycling.


Together with research, raising awareness about plastic is an important focus for the Schwarz Group. Working with children and young people in particular is necessary to spread future-oriented perspectives on reusable material.

The “Environmental Action Days” program, aimed at kindergartens and schools, focuses on the impact of plastic.

The program, under the auspices of Kaufland’s “Doing Makes the Difference” campaign, has been a proven success, reaching around 270,000 children since the first event in 2004. In 2019, more than 150 events will take place throughout Germany. Further awareness-raising programs are planned in the future. The project is a joint endeavor with Verband Deutscher Naturparke.

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Of course, it will take more than that to conquer one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Knowledge and education can only be a start; success demands holistic commitment.
Only when all the action areas come together – from avoidance to design, recycling, removal and research and education – can we solve the plastic problem and consider the REset Plastic strategy a success. With that in mind – stay in the loop:

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