The Schwarz Group maintains close ties to research institutes and industry associations worldwide and is interested in partnerships along the entire value chain. 

Particular research interests are alternative materials, efficient recycling processes and new solutions to reduce plastic waste. Moreover, the company’s processes and products are regularly subject to review.

We invest in research and development of innovative solutions and educate on recycling.


In a joint campaign of the GeTon (yellow bin) initiative with PreZero, Lidl and Kaufland, the Schwarz Group is educating on recycling in Germany. Germany has a unique and differentiated collecting and separating system for reusable materials. The separation of the collected material often lacks in terms of quality, e.g. because of information not sufficiently provided to the consumers on what is for the recycling bin and what is not. Not at least for that reason many consumers reject the “yellow” bin or fill it incorrectly. The goals of the initiative are to make consumers aware of the meaning of waste separation as well as the responsible handling of plastic packaging. It is hoped that the acceptance of the “yellow” recycling bins and trash bags for plastic waste will be increased in a fun way: an informational tour was held in front of 20 different Lidl and Kaufland stores across Germany to help consumers learn how important it is to promote recycling in Germany. That is simply because: correct separation contributes to climate protection.


The Schwarz Group actively takes part in the Futury Program in Germany, which is run by the Werte Stiftung (a private foundation). As such, it actively contributes to the development of solutions for a sustainable future together with young creative minds and businesses. Following the main idea “Strengthening values. Encouraging people. Creating ideas” the Werte Stiftung is supporting projects throughout Germany since 2005 that bring together innovation and values.

Together with the Schwarz Group, they develop innovations in packaging: During a three-month program (Futury Founders Academy), all participants sit down together with the aim of developing future-oriented solutions and business models. An experienced team accompanies the regular exchanges between the participating businesses and the young founders, providing food for thought.

The Schwarz Group is right at the center of the action and is participating as a premium partner in Mission I, “Waste – Be circular”, together with numerous other globally active companies.


Together with research, raising awareness about plastic is an important focus for the Schwarz Group. Working with children and young people in particular is necessary to spread future-oriented perspectives on reusable material.

The “Environmental Action Days” program, aimed at kindergartens and schools, foregrounds the use of plastic.

The program, under the auspices of the Kaufland “Doing Makes the Difference” campaign, has been a proven success, reaching around 270,000 children since the first event in 2004. In 2019, more than 100 events will take place throughout Germany. Further awareness-raising programs are planned in the future. The project is a joint endeavor with Verband Deutscher Naturparke.

You have an exciting campaign or are you interested in a cooperation?

Of course, it will take more than that to conquer one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. Knowledge and education can only be a start; success demands holistic engagement.
Only when all the action areas come together – from avoidance to design, recycle, removal and research and education – can we solve the plastic problem and consider the REset Plastic strategy a success. In that sense – stay in the loop:

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