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REset Plastic - the Plastics Strategy of the Schwarz Group

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REset Plastic - the Plastics Strategy of the Schwarz Group

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REset Plastic - the Plastics Strategy of the Schwarz Group

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REset Plastic - the Plastics Strategy of the Schwarz Group

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REset Plastic - the Plastics Strategy of the Schwarz Group

Our vision: "Less Plastic – Closed Loops"

Übersicht der Handlungsfelder von REset Plastic: REduce, REdesign, REcycle, REmove und REsearch

Many innovations which have made important contributions to the development of society would be inconceivable without the reusable material of plastic. However, one of plastic's best characteristics has also turned into a central problem for people, animals, and the environment: its longevity.


This is precisely the problem which we are addressing through our REset Plastic strategy. It unites a grand vision with binding goals and a clear, guiding mission: "We approach the issue in a comprehensive way using our know-how to reduce plastic and close loops."


Our core concept: Rethink plastic – or in other words, press the reset button.


We've divided our commitment into five action areas: REduce, REdesign, REcycle, REmove and REsearch. As such, REset Plastic covers everything from avoidance, through design, recycling, and elimination, all the way up to innovation and education on the subject of plastic. Find out more about our plastics strategy in detail.

Our Goals until 2025



of our private label packaging is maximum recyclable



less plastic in our private label packaging and transport aids


on average a 25%

use of recyclate in our private label packaging out of plastic

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The Largest Retail Company in Europe as a Driver of Change

Through our Lidl and Kaufland retail divisions, our PreZero environmental division and the Schwarz Produktion, we at the Schwarz Group hold the key to the closed loop. REset Plastic is a holistic international strategy with bundled resources and know-how. All divisions in our company work towards our common vision of turning the waste of today into recycable materials of tomorrow. With that goal in mind, we reduce plastic wherever possible and keep it in the closed loop wherever feasible. In that way we protect the environment without losing the advantages provided by the material.

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