Highlight Produkte mit nachhaltigen Verpackungsoptimierungen

REdesign in Practice

How our optimized packaging designs have already conserved resources

Through REdesign, we develop sustainable packaging solutions for the coming years. But even today shoppers at Lidl and Kaufland will already find a number of products which have made considerable progress in terms of material savings, recyclability and recyclate use.

Examples of Our Optimized Packaging


Winner of the 2020 German Packaging Award in the category of new materials Optimization: Bottle made of 100% recyclate (R-PET) and high recyclability through LD sleeve

Vegan Drink

70 percent less plastic thanks to the alternative of plastic film and paper tray

Ground meat
Eistee Pfirsich

Optimization: 11 percent reduction in packaging weight as well as 55 percent recyclate content / Maximum recyclability

Iced Tea

Optimization: 17 percent in packaging weight by reducing film thickness Maximum recyclability


100 percent recycled material


Further Projects in the Action Area REdesign