Schematische Darstellung von Plastikreduktion


We reduce plastic wherever sustainably possible

Less is More

The entire Schwarz Group has set itself the goal to scrutinize how plastic is used in all company divisions and to reduce its use wherever it makes sense. The REduce action area focuses specifically on the procurement of goods in warehouses, stores and in logistics as well as on various internal processes.

Cutting Down on Plastic is Possible in Many Areas That the Customer Does Not See

For example, a large amount of materials is needed for packaging and securing loads en route - not just in the stores themselves. Plastic wrap, for instance, is used to secure vehicle cargo on its way from the central warehouse to the stores. REduce puts this transport packaging to the test in order to optimize it in terms of sustainability.


The same applies to packaging and products available to customers for carrying home their purchases. Furthermore, we regularly examine the equipment and consumables used in our stores and logistics centers to reveal any potential for savings and optimization early on.


In doing so, we focus on reducing the volume of materials, on increasing recyclability and on using recyclates – similar to our approach to private label packaging of Lidl and Kaufland products.

Our REduce Projects in Detail