Aufräumaktion von Kaufland Slowakei

River CleanUp Collective @Danube

Together for cleaner rivers Kaufland Slovakia


15. September



24 different places



more than 400



254 Sacks

collected waste

We take responsibility

For the second year in a row, we organized a cleanup event. This year, the cleanup campaign took place as part of the Group-wide RiverCleanup Collective @Danube on September 15, a public holiday. More than 400 of our employees, including their family members and children, actively participated in this action. In total, we were able to form 24 teams that cleaned up at various locations throughout Slovakia. Together we collected 254 bags of trash. Compared to last year, there was less plastic waste. We are happy that we were able to motivate employees from all our departments - head office, warehouse and logistics center. To commemorate the action, we gave them a mug with the logo and the newly created hashtag for the action #proudvolunteers (#hrdidobrovolnici), which they could use on social media. 
The action was a great success, was very appreciated by our employees and was educational for their children.

Das Team von Kaufland Slowakei bei der Aufräumaktion
Aufräumaktion von Kaufland Slowakei
Das Team bei der Aufräumaktion
Aufräumaktion von Kaufland Slowakei