The Schwarz Group develops systems for collecting, sorting and recycling in all the countries in which it operates.

It researches, optimizes and expands local return and distribution facilities to keep existing plastic within the closed-loop recycling circle.

We collect, sort and recycle plastics to close the loop.


Every bottle that passes through a Schwarz Group deposit machine in Germany is then sent to be recycled. If someone throws a PET bottle of water or lemonade in a deposit machine, they support the group’s unique recycling loop, as these bottles will be used to produce new ones. Lidl brand mineral water and soft drink bottles are already manufactured from an average of 50% recycled PET material. Some products are made from 100% recycled plastic. Through recycling and other advancements, we have saved over 420,000 tons of PET material to date, making the group a leader in the use of recycled material in new PET disposable bottles.


Three-quarters of the approximately 1.65 million tons of waste generated by the Schwarz Group each year can be reused. To reap the full ecological and economic benefits of these reusable materials, GreenCycle developed uniform collection stations for the group’s stores, warehouses and offices. The project was initiated as part of the Respect Recyclables campaign.

Plastic wrap undergoes a similar cycle to recycled bottles. If plastic waste cannot be recycled, the Schwarz Group finds a way to downcycle. Benches for internal company use, for example, are manufactured from plastic waste.

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